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30 12 2009

During the next few days I will be setting up this blog and then I will start what I wuold like to be weekly geocaching updates. I will try to mix posts that are about my caching experiences in the field, with activities related to geocaching preparation, such as software and hardware creation and usage.

January and February 2010 promise to be fun months as I will have left the cold and snow of Sweden for the warmth and sun of New Zealand.

I hope to find as many caches this time as I did on my last trip there in 2008. New for 2010 is the goal of becoming a more complete geocacher – in other words – trying to find each of the 81 categories of Difficulty and Terrain ratings that there are for geocaching.  At the end of 2009 I have found fifty combinations and have thirty one to go. Of course, the remaining ones have the high level ratings, so it will be a challenging year!




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3 01 2010

The blog looks like it could be a good one. Good luck!

11 11 2010
Richard Tulloch

I still have a lot to learn about the geocache experience. Do I need a new GPS device or a new brain??


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