Summary of my 2009 geocaching

2 01 2010

2009 was a quiet year for geocaching with five months that contained no geocaching activity. For as many years as I care to remember I have travelled extensively and included a vacation on New Zealand at the beginning of the year. The financial crisis in 2009 changed things considerably and my travel was at it’s lowest level since 1975! It is reflected in my geocaching activities.


There were some memorable highlights though.

  • Total finds 193
  • Total hides 24
  • Most finds in a day 30 on 091002
  • Highest terrain rating 4 GC1Q7TK and GC1Z3n3
  • Highest difficult rating 3.5 GC1hBHX and GC202CD
  • Finds in three countries; Sweden, England and Croatia

Milestones 1500 and 1600

Most memorable caches.

GC1EYQN The Hatch
GC1DZ9Z Alien Transport Station
GCG4KQ Stockholm Spring
GC1B1F8 Phone Booth Värmdö
GC1PKNW Farnham Ramble Rally #23 – Crows Nest




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