First caching day of 2010

12 01 2010

Yes, we are several days into the New Year and this is the first day for me to get out to find a cache. The first few days of this year were spent at home in Gävle, Sweden with 30-40 cm of snow on the ground and temperatures dropping down as low as -25C on January 6th.

On January 7th, I hopped on the train to Stockholm Arlanda airport and thirty some hours later walked out of Christchurch aiport, on the South Island of New Zealand. The temperature difference was nearly 50C. Wow! In my bag was my GPS, spare batteries, netbook loaded with GSAK and a couple of thousand geocaches waiting for me to find them.

The day I arrived I managed to walk from where I am staying to the closest cache Bexley Birds and record a DNF. Not a good start. Because I am staying with muggles and haven’t seen them for a couple of years I had to put the caching on hold for a wee while. There were then a couple of days with no caching ativity but I have now started to find some semi-urban caches – 23 by 12th Jan including an earthcache, which I always appreciate.

More in next weeks blog.




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