A mixed week

25 01 2010

Over the years I have found several hundred caches in New Zealand. On this visit I am logging far more DNF’s than previously. On reflection I can see that there are a number of reasons. There are a lot more people geocaching and a whole “generation” of newbies with new ideas both good and bad. There are all too many micros  buried in leaf litter under bushes in small playgrounds of little intrinsic interest. There are micros where regular caches could be placed and enjoyed by families. There are, however, great micros that show a lot of ingenuity and are placed where nothing else would work.

So how did I do this week? I logged 53 finds from up in the Abel Tasman National Park to Christchurch and 12 DNF’s. There were also a further slew of caches where I got to the site and just walked away as they weren’t even worth the effort, I’m sorry to say. I can also admit to being pickier than before and have come to realise that I am not doing this primarily for the numbers.

Pick of the week has to be Tinline View

Tinline View

The scenery in the park is fantastic. I only walked the 5.5 km in to Appletree Bay and back but it was a good taster for what the rest of the park has to offer.

I also managed to chalk up a further Earthcache. This time it was Salt Works at Lake Grassmere, about 30km south of Blenheim. The process by which the salt is formed and harvested is interesting and those pink lakes are surrealistic.




One response

25 01 2010

Too many basic micros with little thought about the purpose of geocaching is just a sign of the times everywhere I believe. However, getting a view like the one in the photo, along with a proper box, just serves to remind us all what the purpose of geocaching is. If you have to get through a dozen DNFs and a dozen thoughtless micros to get a view like that, then it’s still worth getting out there and caching! Keep up the faith, bro… Hoping you find some more like this one. R

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