This years memorable caches in NZ

15 02 2010
During the month I stayed in New Zealand I found over 200 caches so my memory of all the details is a little hazy. There were, however, a few that, for one reason or another stuck in my mind. Some were in beautiful surroundings, some were cleverly disguised and others were just fun. There are many more that would meet similar criteria but they didn’t stick in my memory in the same way.

These were those that were most notable in the Christchurch area:

GC15QTG – Thomas’ Gifts

An interesting collection of buildings in the centre of Christchurch that were worth visiting. Really liked the old telephone box – rather different.


Interesting telephone booth in Christchurch

GC1JZGE – Ttractive Track

I enjoy a bit of a walk up into the Port Hills and if there is a cache with a twist there to be found it is even more fun. In this case a “tool” was  required. Grandalf, in his role of engineer, had devised an great technical solution with a metal tool. In my role of “hunter/scavenger” I didn’t need the nice metal tool that G had envisaged. Instead I was able to use a handy wooden implement. Now how does wood stick to a magnet I can hear G asking. It doesn’t, but if there is a bent bit on it it’s possible to hook the cache out of the hidey hole. Some may call it “cheating” some may call it inovation.

GCPFWF – Iambic Intrigue

This is a painful story. I started looking for this cache in 2006. I didn’t do my homework but relied on memory to solve the riddle. On three yearly visits to Christchurch I visited a park on Simeon Road and tried to get the rhyme to work. No way! but I was stubborn and kept at it. I sent a mail to Grandalf before my 2010 visit and he told me I was in the wrong park! So I did my homewrk properly and got a confirmation that I had the managed to work out the right park. Once I got there, everything fell quickly into place and it didn’t take many minutes to find the cache.

GC1H6QH – Tsunami Safety Zone

There was nothing special about this cache othere than it’s location by the sea in amongst large pine trees. A very pleasant walk amongt the trees and dunes.

GCP7W1 – Prehistoric Postbox

What a great little track off Summit Road. The cache was easy to find and the views were splendid even if there was a lack of sun this summer.

Prehistoric Postbox

View from Prehistoric Postbox

GC224C7 – You.. b@stard!

I really had to laugh when I found this one. It was a real bastard if you had no “tools” with you. There is nothing worse than being able to touch the cache but not get at it properly. Anyway, living in China for a while taught me how to use chopsticks and a couple of nearby sticks did the job admirably.

GC1G7ND – Corked

I enjoyed this cache partly because of the enormous and majestic cork tree and partly because of the camo of the cache itself. It was neat,  camoflagued as a piece of cork!

GCXYBD – Little-Uno

This is one of the Kiwi-Nomad caches in Nelson that I have attempted before yet not succeeded with. I redid the maths and came to the same spot as a couple or three years ago. The hiding place was obvious this time. Why didn’t I see it last time!


This was another Kiwi-Nomad cache that had me tearing my hair. I nearly gave up again after 25 mins of searching, then a brainwave got me and yes there it was EXACTLY where the GPS pointed me and in the object I had disounted as not being geocaching related. Duh! I won’t spoil others pleasure of the cache by telling what the object was but the photo is a spoiler.

Photos are to be added.




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