No geocaching this weekend

1 03 2010

In addition to geocaching I also have other interests and with the thick layer of snow covering this part of Sweden hunting caches “under a rock in the forests” is not high up on my list of priorities. I spent all day Saturday working with the radio communications on a rally – Vinterpokalen – which is on the Swedish Cup tour and supervised by FIA. There were around 130 cars participating and for the communications team we were 30 persons, nearly all belonging to Gävle Kortvågsamatörer (

APRS track for SA3ARQ-9 on Google maps

SA3ARQ-9 on Google maps

My station for the rally is seen on the map. The map is taken from where APRS signal are collected and reported in more or less “real time”. I also run the APRS system in my car when I am out geocaching so those in the know can “see” where I am when I am there. The GPS signal into my APRS setup comes from my old Garmin eTrex Legend. All my geocaching is done on my Garmin eTrex Legend Cx.

I have also complemented my geocaching toolkit with a couple of items that I found I had a need for during my geocaching hunt in New Zealand. There is a rather interesting trend of placing nanos on park benches in one big city and I found to my chagrin that without a pair of tweezers it was difficult to get the logbooks out. I also found a couple of interesting caches that were only retrievable by using a magnet, so I now have a magnet on a telescopic shaft in my toolkit and the idea to place some similar caches in Sweden. Muhahahaha!




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