Travel bugs

11 03 2010

One aspect of geocaching that you usually love or hate is finding a Travel Bug or a geocoin in a cache. When I started caching in 2003 I thought that it was fun to trade items and move TB’s around from cache to cache. It became, and is still, fun when we have grandchildren with us. When I am caching on my own I don’t bother though. I also own a few TB’s, seven to be precise. Mind you four of them have gone “missing in action” so I spent a few minutes today cleaning up the relevant pages on It is nice to see that the oldest TB is still going strong (Anyone for Tennis?) and has clocked up 53253 km in the nearly six years it has been roaming the world.
Today the sun is shining, the temperature is above zero Centigrade and the deep snow is starting to degrade into dirty piles of slush. Not long now before I can get out caching again. Yippee!




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