Spring is getting near

15 03 2010

Ex military schoolIt is difficult to find most caches in this part of Sweden during the winter when there is over a meter of snow on the ground. I also have to admit to preferring temperatures above freezing point. I don’t mind if it rains sometime as that deters muggles from the popular places. Following my vacation in New Zealand I have been back in Sweden for just over a month now and due to pressures of work and weather that hasn’t been too good I haven’t looked for any caches. Today, however, some form of abstinence started to set in. I had to go and get the car washed and fueled so I took the opportunity to look for a cache that had the attributes 24/7 and winter friendly! It was a two step multi and that usually means they are fairly straightforward. They usually consist of a sign at a place of interest from which numbers are gleaned and manipulated to give GZ. F.d militärskolan was no exception.

I was trying out SmartGPX on my Nokia E90 Communicator and was a little hasty in reading the instructions for how to find GZ for the cache. After a futile search of an empty road I re-read the instructions and as they say it was plain sailing from then on. The cache was in plain sight but as is often the case if it doesn’t look out of place no-one thinks about it.

I felt really satisified to find my first cache in Sweden for this year and the first one for March as well. I am also very impressed by Smart GPX on it’s first trial in real life. I imagine that as I become more familiar with how it works it will reappear in my blog in some form or another.




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