Day out in Gysinge

19 04 2010
Dalälven 20100417

Dalälven downstream of "2 x 2 är 4"

We are nearly at the end of April and the snow is finally disappearing after a very long winter. I have not done so much caching since my holiday in New Zealand and needed to get out and find some. We were babysitting our second grandchild over the weekend so of course he had to come with us. At nearly three, he has not been out caching earlier unlike his cousin, now five, who has been caching with us since he was seven months old. After a very bumpy ride between Gävle and Hedesunda on a road that is being widened and generally improved (should be ready later this year) we arrived at En bro räcker only to find that our junior passenger was fast asleep. I went and grabbed the cache myself. The snow had thawed which is just as well as this was a cache hidden “under a stone in the forest” like so many others in Sweden.

Embroidered log book

The trip then continued on into the Färnebofjärdens national park, to Fyra broar, where snow there prevented me from looking for the cache. A DNF was recorded. We continued on to 2 & 2 är 4 where this time it was the high water level that prevented me getting to the cache. This was when we decided to have a sandiwch and cup of coffee. It was only 6C and very windy but it didn’t bother junior in the least.

On the way home we stopped to check on the condition of three of my caches. Two of them had been muggled so one was replaced and the other was temporarily disabled until I can get back and do a proper maintenance job on it. The third one was in good condition, probably because it was 2m up in the air and not affected by snow.

So all in all a rather mediocre caching day, both in terms of the cache DNF to find ratio, needing to maintain two out of three of my visited caches and the cold, grey weather. At least we got out and enjoyed the fresh air.




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