APRS message from SA3ARQ-9

23 04 2010

So much for mixing and matching different technologies! I am a radio ham and enjoy the possibilities there are to connect a GPS to a radio and transmit my current position so when I am geocaching my tweets can prompt those interested to see where I am at the time. I found out that it is possible to send APRS messages to an email address. WordPress users will also know of the possibility to update their blogs via a mail address and this can often be handled on a PDA using mobile internet. WordPress also allows blogs to be posted on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook so I though that I would kill a few birds with one stone, so to speak, and by sending a text via radio would update my blog, tweet about it and get my position shown on Findu and aprs.fi.

Did it work? Well sort of. My blog was updated (four times!! three of which I have deleted), but with a lot of information that I don’t need (nor do you), my tweet came through nice and clear, and my position turned up on both Findu and aprs.fi. Was it worth it? I don’t think so. I will stick to mailing from my Nokia E90 and then I can even add photos like Head Hard Hat does

Click to see current position of SA3ARQ-9

Message that SA3ARQ-9 has sent to you:

APRS path = SA3ARQ-9>APK101,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2,qAR,SM3XIK-1

To reply to this email you must be an authorized OM and have a free registration code
View the site to know how to do

Message received by Linux APRS Server T2ITALYS
Located in Quartu (Cagliari), Sardinia island, Italy
//- EMAILCA (APRS Mail System)
//- v1.2 created by





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