A caching weekend in England

3 05 2010

Last weekend was spent in Southern England and I managed to put in three days of geocaching in different areas, partly on my own and partly with my brother “Zelger”, his muggle son, Rich and my other muggle brother, Jon. All enjoy geocaching even though they are not converted to being real cachers, and have been on similar hunts before. On the Friday Zelger, Rich and I took a train into London and the Tube to the Isle of Dogs.

A typical cache was Isle of Dogs Trail – The Millwall Ram.

The Isle of Dogs used to be the docklands of London but has now been modernized out of all recognition. Zelger, Rich and I jumped off the Dockland Light Railway at Canary Wharf amongst all the high rise buildings and followed the River Thames down to the late 1800’s foot tunnel that goes under the Thames to Greenwich. In Greenwich we joind the hoards of tourists who visited the museum at the Royal Observatory at the Greenwich Meridian. It’s an interesting place. On the way back to Zelgers place we stopped by a D5/T2 cache Half Powered – my first D5 cache during the seven years I have been caching. One of my targets for this year (link) is to find 10 more out of the thirty D/T combinations that I have not yet found.

On Saturday morning I did the ABS series south of Wokingham, the highlight of which was just off the ABS trail at Who’d a tho’t it? and in the form of a large ammo box, not usually seen in England these days. In the afternoon my brothers and I drove over to Woking where we met up with the local geocachers for the 10 Years! Woking, UK event.

Following the event we did the Finchampstead series of caches meeting matt7159 on the way round the track.

On Sunday Zelger and I participated in a Hants & Berks classic car navigational trial starting in Reading and ending at the Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkforn, Somerset. Zelger has an open TR6 and of course it rained the whole way there. Yuk! The museum was well worth the visit. Only one cache was found that day and it was close to the start of the event.

Monday was a mixed day as I did some rather boring “nano on the back of street sign” caches before Zelger and I drove down to Farnham to do the Farnham Ramble Extended series of caches. We had done the Farnham Ramble Rally series in October last year and were very impressed by the effort that had been put into the series. This new series was not as complex as the original series but great fun nontheless. The number of DNF’s was greater than the the first series. One was due to high muggles activitiy, but the other were most likely due to missing caches. Time will tell. Apart from the hail storm at the beginning of the trail the weather was good for caching.

So after a long weekend of caching and other fun activities I chalked up 68 finds, a handfull of DNF’s and a few travel bugs. All in all a very good weekend.




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