After work caching

19 05 2010

Time flies and summer is nearly here in Sweden which means spending a lot of time in the garden and little time geocaching. I have been out for a couple of quick lunchtime and evening caches in the Gävle – Sandviken area. None of them were too strenuous, in fact they were pleasant little walks into the forest and the park in Mackmyra, the home of a very good Swedish whisky.

The first cache I found was Valbo pipelinebridge. At first sight it looks as though the difficulty rating should be higher, but it is actually a safe structure and the cache was quickly in hand.


ValboPipelineBridge - not something you would want to walk across.

The second cache was Wheel of Fortune – Sippol. This is a replacement for a cache that was placed under the wheel that is referred to in the cache name, as that was muggled more than once. The new cache has a more interesting location and is worth the visit. I also had a DNF at Power Station. GZ was very close to the outlet of a hydroelectric power station and the volume of water coming through was intimidating so I didn’t spend the time that may be needed to hunt for the micro.

I am also preparing for some geocaching next weekend as I will be in Sydney, Australia. There is a cache there called Five Quays In a Row that I have looked for on four occasions and not found. It’s a bit like Stockholm Spring. Very easy if you get it right but a nightmare if you miss it and your brain gets into a preconceived picture of what you are looking for. In the case of Five Quays In a Row, I now know what to look for and where. There are two levels to look at and I spent the first three times looking at the wrong level. I admit to looking at the right level last time as I have some great photos taken from the spot where the cache is hidden 😐 so this time I will succeed!




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