GSAK and FindStatGen3.9beta

20 05 2010

My geocaching tool of choice is GSAK and I am very satisfied with it as the all-encompassing tool for managing information on my geocaching finds and hides. Some of the information generated for presentation in HTML format is entertaining. This is handled very well by the macro “FindStatGen3.9beta” by Lignumaqua (my kudos to him and Rutson who I believe was one of the persons behind the first macro for generating statistics from GSAK). Some of it makes me wonder if there is some error in my reasoning or a calculation in the macro for generating statistics that doesn’t agree with what would seem to be a more likely answer.

Click on image to enlarge.

In my simple world the centroid of the caches that I have found should lie within the coordinates given. The northing lies above the most northerly cache and that does seem rather odd. I will post this on the GSAK forum and see what the response is.

One of my goals for 2010 is to fill in another 10 squares in the Difficulty / Terrain matrix. I have been able to add a D5/T2 since I decided on my goal so the situation is now. 51 combinations found out of 81 possible. Of course, they are nearly all at the high end of the scale. The new way that they are presented from the GSAK data is an improvement on the earlier output, but it still lets me see how many white squares I have to fill.

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