Down under!

22 05 2010

What do you do when you have 24 hours flying time between Stockholm and Sydney? The flight from Stockholm to Bankgok was on an old Boeing 747 without individual screens so there were few distractions once the dinner had been eaten. Of course, I used the time to prepare for my caching in Sydney which will not be as advanced as it may seem due to time limitations. I have this Sunday and next Saturday to hunt for those micros and nanos that Sydney has to offer in the CBD. I will see how many finds I can add to the twelve that I presently have in the city, I also started going through some of the caches I have logged in GSAK in order to add a few lines to the “Special” section in the FindStatsGen macro as there has never been time before to decide which caches could be placed in that section. By the time I got to Bankgok the battery had given up on the PC and finding a power outlet at Bangkok airport was impossible so I spent the flight on the Airbus 340 between Bangkok and Sydney watching the multitude of films and TV shows on the personal screens.

Being of a somewhat structured nature I keep a database of my flights and I can see that this is flight 1665 and somehow that seems to be rather a large number. An even larger number is the total distance I have flown and that turns out to be a whopping 3,274,578 km or 79.25 times round the world. Phew! So how far have I travelled whilst geocaching? I wondered. The GSAK stats macro gave me the answer as being 506,562km or 12.26 times round the world. Not bad eh? The 1900+ caches I have found have been spread over 21 countries which is probably not a record but it is still something I am proud of achieving.

Got to Sydney, swished through immigration then got stuck waiting for my suitcase at the baggage claim. Why does my bag always have to come last or nearly last? Infuriating! I got even more irritated when I hit customs because even though I had nothing to declare I got sent to the red channel and got stuck behind a group of Chinese with enough food in their luggage to last a month. The thing to know about Australia is that the laws are very strict on what foodstuffs and other organic materials can be brought into the country, pretty much as they are in USA. Having seen what the Chinese group had with them I can see the reason for the rules. Anyone for fermented cows intestines?

Once through customs I found the company driver waiting to whisk me to my hotel (it’s nice to have some perks) where I had a shower and finished this blog sipping a cold amber one!




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