A wet week in Sydney

30 05 2010

Usually when I have visited Sydney it has been in the summer. This time it was an Australian autumn that greeted me. This year, the choice of weather was rain, rain and more rain. Apart from getting wet I chalked up 4 traditional finds, 2 earthcaches and 4 DNF’s. The most satisfying find was my fifth attempt at GCKKTY “Five Quays In A Row” which was placed on 2004-09-22.

Five Quays

Finally found the Five Quays cache!

Every time I have been to Sydney I have been to the Circular Quay to look for this cache. It’s rather embarassing to admit that I have had to make at least five attempts to find this cache. These are the dates when I was there: 2005-02-04, 2006-02-19, 2008-01-15 and even as recently as 2010-05-23. On the first two attempts I was on the wrong level (I think everyone knows which level to look at now) and on the third and fourth attempts I was convinced I was at the right place, in the overhead railway station, but now with hindsight I know it wasn’t right. As is possible in this kind of situation I suddenly had an “aha” moment then frustration again as I couldn’t see how to get up onto the overhead motorway above the railway line. Anyway, to cut a long embarassing story short I found an elevator up from the quay to the road and from then on it was straightforward to find the cache.

Another aspect of geocaching that I find interesting is that regarding the earthcaches. I prefer to find something physical but as I am interested in geology the earthcaches suit me just find. The earthcache GC21VP4 “Sydney Harbour Bridge Earthcache” was one that was both impressive and highly educational. I had to do some background research (thank you Google) and make some educated guesses. Now I have found seventeen earthcaches in five countries.




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