Some GSAK statistics

7 06 2010

As with so many other geocachers, I find GSAK an invaluable tool to support me in my geocaching activities. It’s “not just about the numbers”. Well, actually it is, but not necessarily just going for the largest number of finds. I find it more challenging to work with the stats related to geocaching – how many finds in a month, How many caches I have found in each county in England, how many of difficulty 3 and terrain 2 and so-on. The possibilities are endless.
One thing that I track is the caches I have found per difficulty and terrain rating. See my blog The goal there is quite clear: find all 81 combinations! Other figures I follow are the number of dates in a year that I have found caches. Until recently I have not actually found caches on every date in a month (They don’t all have to be in the same year to qualify), so now I am really pleased to see that I have found caches on all the dates in May. Yippee!

Caches found on every day of May

The picture above is generated from GSAK by the previously reported macro that is available from the GSAK forum, which generates all manner of statistics and is the basis for what I have in my geocaching profile. What I like best is the picture of the world that shows where I have been caching, but that’s another blog…




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