A week full of variety

14 06 2010

The weekend was one of contrasts. On Saturday it rained and rained and rained. On Sunday it was glorious sunshine. Using one of our grandchildren as an excuse we drove to Furuvik Park where I have had a cache on my hit list since it’s placement in 2004. The last time I was in the Park was in the eighties when the kids were small. In those days Furuskär was a restricted military area and definitely a no-no for me as an “alien”. Now the old coastal battery on Furuskär is part of the park and open as a museum for all to visit. That there is a cache there is a great bonus. We visited Furuskär and found the cache with no difficulty. Once that was done we explored the underground battery. It’s nowhere near as impressive as the one in Hemsö but none the less well worth a visit. After wondering around the park, eating our picnic and letting Leon visit some of the attractions in the park we went home via
Furuviks Brygga
Nice Place by the Sea
Välkomna till Furuvik
Välkommen till Gävle.
It was at this last cache that I really needed Leon. The cache was placed high, in fact so high that I could just put a finger on it but not grab it. By lifting up Leon he was able to grab the cache. Just as we were doing this a car pulled up and out jumped MrZZ, Chgus and Andreasbus. I have met MrZZ earlier and know of Chgus so it was great to meet some fellow cachers at a cache. They were on a Gävle weekend geoaching blitz. I promised to pay a visit to Möklinta this summer and find some of their caches.




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