Midsummer weekend

28 06 2010

After a few days of geocaching inactivity it was time to go out and grab a few boxes. We had a great midsummer for a change. The rain came at night not in the middle of the day when we were frolicking out in the meadows. 🙂 I don’t have too many unfound caches in the Gävle area and those that remain are either mysteries, or require some kind of gear to be safely doable. To the rescue came Malmis with three new caches placed in Norrsundet to augment the two already there. A visit to Norrsundet is not normally a high priority. It is known for it’s sulphate paper mill and it’s militant workers, or at least they used to be. The mill has been closed and is being pulled down by the look of things. So anyway, off we went lured by the view over Saltharen fishing village and five possible caches to find.

We started with
Totra del Sol
Norrsundet Kastell
then went on to the nearby cache which was Norrsundet Vatten and a neighbour to the paper mill.

This is what the paper mill looks like at the moment and it seems as though those huge cranes are there to dismantle the place.

We continued with
Norrsundets SmĂĄbĂĄtshamn
Norrsundets Havsbadet

where we had our picknick. Well worth the visit.




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