GPS failure II

12 07 2010

The follow up to the failure of my Garmin eTrex Legend Cx was that I bought a new Garmin eTrex Legend HCx with the enhanced GPS chipset. The basic functionality was exactly the same as my previous GPS but the acquisition time for finding satellites was far less and the GPS kept track of my location even when in my pocket or under fairly heavy tree cover. Great! At least it was until I got home from the trip to Österlen and tried to download the track logs. As soon as I plugged in the GPS cable it died. 😦 So after fiddling around with different cables and different PC’s I took it back to El Giganten where they promtly refunded my money with no quibbles. Great service. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately they didn’t have another unit in stock so I opted to keep the money and look for a mail order replacement.

The replacement is a Garmin Oregon 450, of which I will report more once it arrives. I bought it in England and the price converted into Swedish Crowns including freight is around 3000:- The same unit in Sweden costs more than 4400:- and the difference is not just due to a different VAT level.




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