Geocaching Challenges

17 07 2010

Not so far from home is a Swedish Challenge cache, one of many. Finding the cache is easy enough, but being eligible to log it is not. The criteria for logging the cache is to have found a cache in each of 100 boroughs in Sweden. There are 290 so it seems a reasonable challenge. Of course, Sweden is a large country so travel is a necessity. I looked at my stats and found that only around 40% of my finds are in Sweden. Looking even closer I found that only about 40% of those were outside the borough of Gävle. I had finds in 45 boroughs, far off the 100 needed. I spent a couple of weekends in November 2009 visiting the Stockholm area eager to find more boroughs. On two day trips I picked up another 21 boroughs. November in Sweden is never fun and these two days were the same – cold grey and short on daylight.

So my summer challenge on our vacation in Österlen was to pick up a further 34 caches in unique boroughs in Sweden on the way there and back. It took a fair amount of planning, to be able to find a route that was both interesting and effective in terms of finding caches. I knew that my partner was more interested in gardens and shopping rather than hunting caches.
Not only did my GPS pack up – see blog but the road trip in itself was a challenge as the A/C in the geomobile had packed up just before we set off and we were having a heat wave with temperatures around 30C. Phew!

I started off with a gross list of 46 boroughs and had identified one or two caches in each that I could look for. There were some changes in the route which meant that I didn’t look for some of the caches on my list. I had wsurprisingly few DNF’s and with the exception of one borough the “reserve” cache was always found. When we got home I started counting and discovered that we had found caches in 37 boroughs and that meant I was over the 100 borough mark and eligble to log the challenge cache. Yippee! The cache that was most fun to find was in Ängelsberg. You can see it in the middle of the photo – or can you?

GC1WH61 - Skulptur parken. A Bison tube in a wooden sculpture!

As we have to pass through Valbo when travelling home from the Fagersta area we stopped by and logged the Challenge cache which was easy. Making the list of caches needed to quality was more of a challenge.




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