GPS failure I revisited

22 07 2010

I was going to throw away my Garmin eTrex Legend Cx but I am loathe to get rid of electronic gear. I thought that I may open it up to have a look inside. Anyway, when the Legend HCx decided to misbehave I took out the chip and batteries and put them into the Legend Cx so I would know where they were. Out of idol curiosity and a firm belief that it shouldn’t just have stopped working I pushed the ON button and of course it started up!!! It would not acquire satellites so I checked the system information screen (hold in the joystick then power on) and saw that I had the firmware version 3.10 and a quick check of Garmin‘s web page showed me that version 3.40 was the latest one. I downloaded it and installed it to the GPS then performed a factory reset on the unit (hold in the joystick, the PAGE button and power on). I then went to the diagnostics screen. From the trip computer page press the cursor keys, up, right, down, and left in sequence. Why do they hide these useful menus in such a manner? From here I could reset all the error counters.

When all this was done I turned the GPS off then back on and left it for 10-15 minutes to acquire the satellites. It did so with no problems and is now (seemingly) working fine again.

So what am I going to do with the Oregon 450 that will be arriving in my post box in a couple of days time?




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