Third event of the year

2 08 2010

I seem to visit events if they are close to where I am at the time. The decision to visit the previous event for this year was taken after the event had already started! It was one of the hundreds of events to celebrate 10 years of geocaching and was 10 Years! Woking, UK. I attended it with my brothers. See blog. There is quite a difference between the events I have attended in England to those I have attended in Sweden.

I signed up for the event I just attended as soon as it was posted as it was only 60km from home and was scheduled to be in the middle of my vacation – a definite goer. I should have realized that despite the great summer we have had in Sweden it just HAD to rain for the event, and it did. The event was “Caching, camping and chilling at the Croc II” hosted by Mousekakat – a Swedish/American family of cachers.

Caching, camping and chilling at the Croc II

Got to the event and did a round of greets to the 15 -20 people who were there – nearly all of them unknown faces and the majority with unknown aliases as well. Everything then happened very quickly. The event organizers said “We have some new caches, here are the coords on three A4 pages and for those of you who want the .gpx file come and plug your GPS in here”. Within 5 minutes the place was deserted and I thought “there isn’t going to be a lot of socializing here”, so after glancing at the list of new caches decided that I would try for the one on Sågberget as it’s a great walk up to the top of the hill.

Is knot! Is too! Is NOT! (new event cache)
Sagberg, in memory of Utsidan #3 (new event cache)
Kaffekokarn (existing cache)

Of course, it poured down and when I arrived at the car park there was another cacher’s car there so a FTF chance was not on the cards for the day. After a wet hike up to the caches and back it was time for coffee and a sandwich in the car. Despite the rain and lack of the usually fantastic views I enjoyed the hike. Whilst drinking my coffee I studied the notes for the other new caches and decided that I wasn’t really bothered and as it seemed everyone had rushed off there wasn’t much point going back to the event start, so I pointed the car back home and grabbed a further three caches and a DNF on the way back.

By many cachers standards seven finds in a day is peanuts, but I enjoyed getting out into the fresh air and having a hike. Lets see what next weekend brings now that I feel that I am starting to master my new Oregon 450.




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