Update on Finds by Found Date

5 08 2010

The summer months are when I do most of my caching which is why I have most finds in January. 🙂 Of course, it depends on where in the world you are when it’s summer. 😉

My geocaching trips to New Zealand are done in January when it’s summertime. In the northern hemisphere summer is roughly June – July – August. In April I realised that I was unable to show a Find by Found Date for a complete month of dates. By that I mean a date in a month, whether they are in the same year or not. Obviously, the more years you cache the more likely you are to fill a months worth of Finds by Found Dates!

Finds by Found Date statistics for May - July

So this is what it looks like at the end of July, and I believe I can fix finds on the empty days in August as well. Then it’s going to get tricky as the weather deteriorates, the days get shorter and the distance to the nearest cache increases.




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