Moving into autumn

23 08 2010

My geocaching has been a little sporadic over the past few weeks now that I am back at work and busy. The focus has been on finding a cache on my “dates of the year” challenge that I set myself. When I started earlier this year I had 109 gaps in the calender. Now I am down to 89 dates left to fill. One of my goals for the year was to find caches on 20 dates of the year where I didn’t have a find, so I can now say that I have met that goal. As reported earlier I have filled in all the dates in May, June and July and now I have just one to go in August. As we move into autumn the challenge gets harder as there are 10 empty days in each of September, October and November and a whopping 20 days to fill in in December. Sounds like a vacation abroad is on the cards or a snow shovel! However, as my original goal has been met I will now switch focus to either looking for caches with missing D/T combinations or place a few more caches. Hmm – decisions, decisions.

August 7 – Carinas Fikaställe, Valsen, Söderforskyrka, Mumbling, Beatiful Tree, Östra Verken
August 8 – Ytterboda
August 12 – Pomiripossas örtagård
August 18 – Västland, Halvannan Gran
August 19 – The tensmyra box, Fågeltornet
August 23 – Klocksberg, Gorkyman9 – Bodåsgruvan

Halvannan Gran on a cold wet day




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