Still hunting – but more slowly

20 09 2010

Since my last blog I have been really busy at work and have only just managed to find the minimum number of caches for my “dates of the year” hunt. Finding eight caches in two weeks is pretty slow. At least I can claim that one of them was a T4 cache and two others were D3 caches which makes it a little more worthwhile than D1/T1 drive-bys.These are the caches I found.

September 6 – Engelska Parken
September 8 – Skarvberget
September 13 – Another way to Greece
September 15 – Power Station
September 16 – Gimmie some sugar baby!
September 19 – Fornby klint, Kramtaget

A full Saturday (September 18) was spent officiating on a rally in the forests close to Torsåker. It was the yearly rally “Malmjärn runt” and I was working as radio operator at the end of two of the stages. It was a small scale rally with only around 40 cars and a route that was run twice. The weather was great but the radio conditions were not brilliant as the area is quite hilly and a good antenna was needed. Because the stages were short and close to each other the radio HQ had their work cut out fielding all the incoming calls from the operators on the stages.

Fortunately, no major accidents happened but there were a couple of incidents where I was situated and the sight of a big hay bale wrapped in white plastic trundling down the hill towards my car after it had been hit by a rally car gave me a couple of seconds of angst. Luckily the slope of the hill moved it beyond my car and to its final resting place against the farmers nearby barn.




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