My cache bag

11 10 2010

I read about geocachers having a rucksack with them when they are out caching. I have one as well, but it sits at home full of tupperware, film canisters, magnets, log books plastic bags and camo tape. In other words it’s my geocaching workshop.

In the field I rarely have more with me than my GPS, a pocket full of spare batteries, my mobile phone and a pen or pencil if I am on a single cache hunt. If I will be walking between several caches then apart from the obvious things like good shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather, I have with me a fanny pack with various bits and pieces in it.

Mg geocaching gear

All this stuff gets crammed into a fanny pack

1. Batteries
It never ceases to amaze me that the batteries in the GPS always die when the spares are in the car. I always keep at least two extra and if I am on a cache hike I have a torch and my compact digital camera with me (Canon A590) which also use AA batteries that I can use in a critical situation.

2. Pens
I always have a couple of ballpoints and a few short pencils (sponsored by a number of Swedish companies – you know who you are) with me together with a utility knife to sharpen the inevitably blunt pencil that I find in caches, micros in particular.

3. Torch
I don’t like caching at night but sometimes dusk comes quicker than anticipated. Then, of course, there are plenty of caches placed in dark spots, like underground bunkers and under big rocks. I use an LED torch with a 3W lamp and running on AA batteries (extra spares for the GPS).

4. Small notebook
I use this for making notes of Travel Bug or geocoin numbers and where I found/dropped them and for scribbling down coords when on a multicache.

5. Knife
I have a small utility knife where the blade retracts into the handle and if the point gets blunt I can break off a few millimeters to get a fresh point. It usually gets used to sharpen pencils but has a multitude of other uses.

6. Compass and paper maps
Before I head off into the forests I always see which direction I am heading off in and if the GPS should fail (hardly likely that I run out of batteries 🙂 ) I have a good backup to get me back to the car and out of trouble. The type of map I carry depends on where I am.

7. Surgical gloves and hand disinfectant
I never used to worry about getting my hands dirty but it makes sense to disinfect them prior to eating any food you may have brought along. The gloves get used where a cache is obviously in a grotty state.

8. Geoswaps
In some special occasions I will make swaps with something that is in the cache so it’s good to have a few trading items, of varying value in my bag.

So what have I forgotten that you think should be considered as an essential?




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