Moving into winter

23 10 2010

It wasn’t so long ago that I wrote that we were moving into autumn and that my caching activities would slow down. Since I wrote that I have only managed to find 26 caches and the reason that it was as many as that was that I was determined to find a cache on the empty dates of the “dates of the year” challenge I set myself, as far into the year as I could. Caching in daylight will soon be limited to the hours that I am at work and I don’t have the luxury of having any unfound caches reachable in my lunch break anymore.

I had three caches to find in this past week

Ej reklam tack!

and two of them were close by, one near to home and one close to work. I had been saving them for a couple of weeks and trying to grab those that were a bit further away so I could use the daylight as far as possible. The Monday and Tuesday caches were grabbed on my way to work just as dawn was breaking but after work on Friday I drove up the E4 from Gävle to Högbacka for the cache of the day. It was about -5C and sunny. As I signed the log book I saw leaves scurrying across the surface of the water. At a second glance I realised that the lake was frozen and that the leaves were being blown across the surface of the ice.

Sun setting over the frozen Högbacka lake




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