Weekend caching in Singapore

28 10 2010

On short notice I was asked to make a business trip to Singapore for meetings on a Friday and a Monday. I took this as a golden opportunity to have a couple of days of geocaching at the weekend. On 2 earlier occasions (2003-09-17 and 2007-07-04) I have found 11 caches in Singapore. It doesn’t sound a lot but has to be balanced against the total number of caches that were in place in the country when I was there. There were not so many. The situation today is not that different as there are only a handful of caches within 3 km of my hotel and I will be walking everywhere.

Before making the trip I decided that I needed to update the map of Singapore that I had in Mapsource on my old PC so that I could copy over the relevant maps to my Garmin Oregon 450. In the past I used my Etrex Legend on the first trip and my Etrex Legend Cx on the second one. I found excellent maps on Malsingmaps which I had used on my earlier trips, but they are now officially supported by Garmin Singapore and seemed to be more suited to the Nuvi range of GPSr. They have a special unlock key which has to obtained from Garmin and the image file is uploaded to the GPSr directly with no possibility to use Mapsource.

After some searching I found My Asean Free Maps where it was possible to download a very colourful map of Singapore into Mapsource. At the 1km level they are not too bad but and much more colourful than the standard Garmin maps.


Singapore Free Maps at 1km resolution

At the 700m level and below they get very busy and make finding cache icons amongst all the others is quite difficult.

Singapore Free Maps at 700m resolution

After som tweaking of the detail settings in my Oregon 450 I got a working solution even at high zoom levels.

To complicate my forthcoming caching experience, they are all urban caches in a city with a really high population density. i.e. lots of muggles to be aware of. Let’s see how it goes. The weather forecast says 32C and thunderstorms. Going to get hot & wet.




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