Dates of the year challenge – October update

1 11 2010

The final cache that I found in October om my “dates of the year” challenge was very easy to find. The only downside was that it added a 100km extra drive on my way home from work to get it!

This is Tuff Tuff. It’s probably about as reliable as SJ.

Tuff Tuff

A simple drive by cache just outside Tärnsjö

At the end of September I had 10 empty dates in October on which to find caches. Finding ten in a day isn’t usually a problem if it’s at the weekend. Finding one a day when there are very few close to home and work makes it a bit more problematic.

Dates in October

I have now found caches on all dates in October

Anyway, I did it! I can also make a forecast for how successful I will be in November where I have a further eleven empty dates. I won’t manage it. There are too many negatives in the equation. All bar one are on weekdays and it will be dark before and after work, not to mention snow. Never mind, there is alwasys next year!




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