Singapore weekend

3 11 2010

The cache density in the centre of Singapore is surprisingly less than in my little home town of Gävle. In Singapore there are 25 active caches in a 2 km radius from Sally Port compared with the 40 active caches in a 2 km radius of the TB Hotel at Gävle. On Saturday I had a wander around Singapore CBD starting with the Lee Hsien Loong TB hotel at the Singapore museum and found 11 caches with a further 2 DNF’s. It’s not really a spoiler showing the cache as a code is needed to unlock the locker. It’s a safe place to have a TB Hotel, and the same principle applies for the one in Gävle wwhich is inside the outdoor gear shop “Naturkompaniet” but clearly visible in the shop window.

Lee Hsien Loong

Lee Hsien Loong TB Hotel

From the TB hotel, which was actually a puzzle cache, albeit a simple one, I took a couple of geocoins for a journey back to Sweden.

cincol’s Deaf Awareness Geocoin
Geocacher’s Day Geocoin

The rest of the caches were a mixture of micro and small caches but surprsingly, none of the micros were 35mm film canisters. One of the caches I got a DNF on was called “Do not find this cache!” and as the last few logs indicated DNF’s I wasn’t too disappointed.

Singapore has a mixed population with nearly a third of Indian origin. I found one of the caches just outside this very colourful building.


Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

As usual the temperature and humidity level were high, and in mid afternoon there was a brief thunderstorm, so after a six hour 15km long walk I was more than ready for the Singapore Sling in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. Well actually, the cold beer after the Singapore Sling was more to my taste.

Singapore Sling

Refreshing Singapore Slings

As usual the evening was spent on Clarke Quay eating well and listening to live music. As it was halloween a great percentage of the people in the area were dressed up in ghoulish costumes with more fake blood than in a Hollywood movie, and little devil blinking light tiaras. A sight to see and then forget.




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