Cyprus vacation

15 11 2010

We didn’t know it when we left Sweden but we would miss the first snowstorm of the year. Great timing! We were booked into a hotel in the centre of Ayia Napa and a quick look at the maps for the area showed a dozen or so caches not too far away from where we were staying.
On the first exploratory day of the vacation I just had to grab the cache that was less than 500m from the hotel. It was located near to an ancient aquaduct. It’s amazing what could be built 2000 plus years ago with the limited materials and tools that were available.
After a day or two of enjoying beach life we rented a couple of bikes and explored the Cape Gkeko area picking up caches along the route. As usual the caches were very helpful in showing us interesting places that we may otherwise not have found. The thing that struck me most, apart from the relatively low number of caches, was that the majority of them were in regular containers and that most had been there for several years, the oldest being from 2002. I suppose that the dry climate is a blessing as there were no soggy log books as is the norm in Sweden.
Of the twelve caches we found, nine were along the route of our 25km bike ride, which we really enjoyed.

Rooted in Time This is where the battery on my camera ran out so I had to take the photos with my phone which explains the poor quality.
Sea Caves The cache description talks about people diving into the sea from the cliffs. All I can say is they must be crazy.

Sea Caves near to Ayia Napa

Logging cache Sea Caves near to Ayia Napa

Rocks around the Masts or Ghost Picnic Site I guess that the masts belong to some medium wave station but I have no idea which.
Rocks and Masts

View of the masts from the oldest cache we found

Rock Melcache 34
Small water bottle “Agros”
Saints without Silver
Bell adventure thing
Ayios / Ayio Elias Church – Protoras
Elias Church

Elias Church with the tree full of rememberances

We were both touched by all the papers hanging on the tree, the words and the feelings that they expressed.
In loving memory

We were touched by the words

Zero Point 35/34 This cache was at a confluence point which is defined as the integer degree intersections of latitude and longitude on Earth and is the second such cache that I have found. More information can be found at The Degree Confluence Project
Zero Point

Micro cache at the confluence point

The day after our bike ride we walked the kilometer to the Napa view cache so that I could log a find for my “dates of the year challenge”. Again we saw remains of the ancient aquaduct on the walk over.

View over Ayia Napa

Logging the Napa View cache

The final cache that we found was Moon Walk and that was a bonus as our plane back to Sweden had been rebooked to later in the day thus giving us more time on the island. I didn’t understand the significance of the name of the cache until I was 100m away and then it became very clear. If it hadn’t been for the sea just beyond the cache it would have been easy to think that the cache site was on the moon.
Moon Walk

So this is what the moon looks like?




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