A puzzling end to my geocaching season

21 11 2010

There is over half a meter of snow on the ground and the temperature over the past couple of days has been hovering around -20C which tells me that my geocaching season at these latitudes is over for the season. So how did it end? The last two caches that I found in the Gävle – Sandviken area of Sweden where I live and work were puzzle caches. Art in Gävle 2, The Bricklayer was a D4/T2 and Enigmatic 1 was a D5/T1.

I am not a great fan of puzzle caches, simply because I don’t have the patience, and in some cases the faintest idea what the aim of the puzzle is, to solve them. However, as I have the aim to fill in all eighty one of the D/T combinations of caches that there are I will be coming across more and more difficult puzzle caches that I will be forced to solve. Actually, I shouldn’t knock puzzle caches too much as I have placed four of my own – none more complicated than a D3/T1.

Art in Gävle 2, The Bricklayer is one of six similar caches in Gävle, although No 4 seems to have disappeared from the list. So far I have solved four and am getting close to paranoia trying to solve Art in Gävle 1, High Five. The series resolves around art and sculptures in Gävle, of which there are many. A photo shows the artwork and the task is to locate it and then find the cache. I recognised High Five immediately and now over a year later I still haven’t found it despite several visits. I know approximately where to look and think I can see the cache. The only problems are the high muggle frequency and the actual location of the cache. Telle seems to be a guy with long arms as the cache placed at The Bricklayer was also located so that extra help was needed to retrieve and replace it from it’s hiding place. I found the cache under the cover of darkness, using a walking pole as an extension to my arm. That could be a good hint to those looking for this cache if they read this blog.

Enigmatic 1 proved to live up to it’s difficulty rating of 5 but not because I had a problem solving the puzzle, which was a complicated equation that for anyone having read maths at university would know how to solve :-), but actually finding the film canister that was the physical cache. I made four visits to the cache site before finding the cache. Again the find was under the cover of darkness, so I was able to make a really detailed search for the cache. The annoying thing is that I had my hand just a few centimeters off the cache on my first visit. Duh!

Logging the find of Enigmatic 1




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