Anyone for tennis?

28 11 2010

One of the aspects of geocaching that I have been a little ambivalent about is that of Trackables. When I first started caching in 2003 most of the finds were regular boxes with trading items in them of a good quality. Then, it was a bit of bonus to find a Travel Bug, and when Geocoins started to appear it was nearly a “wow” response. As time has passed the containers, on average, have got smaller, much smaller, and the contents of regular containers have in many cases deteriorated to the extent where I don’t bother to exchange items any longer.
When it was made possible to Discover Trackables I thought that it was a great idea as I didn’t need to be sitting there with a pile of TB’s that needed to be moved on and just micros in which to drop them off in! I have now discovered around 300 geocoins and more than 150 TB’s although I have not logged all of them.

Between 2004 and 2007 I have put a total of eight trackables out into the wild including one geocoin. Only three of them are still travelling and haven’t been kidnapped by muggles. The record for durability and distance just has to go to the Travel Bug “Anyone for tennis?” which started it’s journey on 22nd July 2004 and has at the last count notched up 53374.1 km.

Garfield in Mooloolaba

Impressive! Not only has it reached Australia, it has also journied to other parts of Asia, Europe and Africa on it’s way. Now, over six years of being “on the road” it is nearing its final destination of Melbourne and the Australian Open. I wonder if it will survive long enough to reach it’s ten year anniversary of being in the wild?




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