Targets for 2011

17 12 2010

Last year I decided that it would be more fun to set some specific targets for my activities rather than just finding those caches that were where I happened to be caching at the time. I didn’t make the list until the end of April, but for 2011 I have made my list early so I have a better chance of succeeding. To a certain extent it follows on from what I intended to do for 2010. Here is the list:

  • Find 2500 caches
  • Place 5-6 more caches
  • Find 15 more D/T combinations (I have 53 of 81 possible)
  • Find caches on at least 20 more days of the year where I have an empty space.
  • Post more photos in my logs.
  • Find 2 caches placed between May 2000 and Feb 2001

I would be interested to hear if there are any other cachers with lists of targets that are not just “find more”.




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