Summary of my 2010 geocaching

30 12 2010

2010 was very good year for geocaching, far better than 2009, as that was a very quiet year. At least I started off with a bang, by making a trip to New Zealand where I picked up over 200 caches in the few weeks that I was there. I also had a really enjoyable vacation in the South of Sweden where a lot of planning was needed to plan a route there and back from Gävle, that maximised the number of boroughs that we drove through on the way yet didn’t add all too many kilometres to the drive. We discovered a lot of smaller roads and quaint villages and thoroughly enjoyed the trip – with the exception of the broken aircon in the car and temperatures over 30C for the whole trip.

There were some memorable geocaching highlights in 2010 (2009 in brackets)

  • Total finds 464 (193)
  • Caches hidden 0 which wasn’t so good 😦 (24)
  • Most finds in a day 35 on 2010-05-01 (30 on 2009-10-02)
  • Highest terrain rating 4 I found six including the earthcache Nelson’s Fault (4 GC1Q7TK and GC1Z3N3)
  • Highest difficult rating 5 Enigmatic 1 and Half Powered (3.5 GC1HBHX and GC202CD)
  • Finds in 6 countries; Australia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and UK (Croatia, Sweden and UK)
  • Milestones 2000 (1500 and 1600)

So how did I do compared with my targets for the year? So-so is probably the correct answer but I can attribute it to not setting my targets until May. 🙂

  • Find 2100 caches. I found 2080 so missed this by 20.
  • Place 5-6 more caches. I didn’t place any caches in 2010. Bad karma. 😦
  • Find 10 more D/T combinations (I have 50 of 81 possible). I found 3.
  • Find caches on at least 20 more dates of the year where I have an empty space. Yes! This is where I managed to beat my target by miles. I found cache on 51 dates!
  • Post more photos in my logs. Well this target isn’t that easy to measure, but I guess I did so-so on this. I posted photos but perhaps not as many as I could have done.
  • Find 2 caches placed between May 2000 and Feb 2001. Nope, didn’t manage this, but this isn’t as easy as it seems unless I travel to western USA sometime.

I've found caches on 300 dates of the year

The dates of the year challenge was fun. From mid April to the end of October I did really well but then winter hit us here in Sweden and my geocaching just about ceased completely. Just to show that I have found the new features of I am showing my date of the year stats from the website. I am not a fan of the yucky green nuances that are used but it’s nice to have the chart updated as logs are added to the site, rather than having to run a PQ then a macro in GSAK.

Most memorable caches.




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