A new year of caching

7 01 2011

I’m getting a feeling of deja vu because if I look at my first blog for 2010 it was written under more or less the same circumstances as now.

Once again I am taking a vacation in New Zealand and hope to find some interesting caches while I am here. As New Zealand is so far away from Sweden there are many different routes for getting there. On my last trip I flew out Stockholm – Frankfurt – Singapore – Christchurch and home Christchurch – Auckland – Bangkok – Stockholm. This year it was Stockholm – Beijing – Sydney – Christchurch and then the reverse route home. It was interesting to fly through Beijing and gave me some feelings of nostalgia. I lived and worked in China for three years at the beginning of the millenium. How things have changed since then.

On my 2010 trip to NZ I spent all my time on the South Island but this year I will spend about half the time there and half on the North Island. As I am finding it more satisfying to set myself targets in various areas rather than just trying to find the largest number of caches I think this could be a fun vacation.

The main focus of my geocaching for 2011 will be to fill in the D/T matrix which looks like this at the moment.

My difficulty - terrain matrix on Jan 1 2011

I have twenty eight combinations of difficulty and terrain yet to find and New Zealand is a place with a geography that suits the higher terrain levels. This looks like it’s going to be a test of my fitness and stamina! I have pinpointed a number of caches with a terrain difficulty of 4 and above and will report on my progress as I go along.

Another target I set myself was to find at least one cache that had been placed in every month since the start of geocaching.

My found caches by placed month

So far I have just nine months in 2000 and 2001 where I have not found a cache. There are a few such early caches still in active use in New Zealand and I have my sights set on finding some of them. Again, reports will come in as I find them.

I will not be able to resist picking up a few more earthcaches on my travels as well although this one is definitely not on my list of ones to do. GC1C31D Glacial Recession: Ivory Lake has a D/T rating of 3,0/5,0 and is said to be a full week walk in and out. No way!




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