Really old geocaches

17 01 2011

As part of my New Zealand holiday I had decided that I would like to see some of the North Island as I have only been there about five times and mostly just to Auckland. When I downloaded a few selected Pocket Queries for North Island caches and started going through the list of more than 2500 and checking them against my rough route I considered that the task was pretty hopeless. In the end I opted for visiting just two clearly identified caches and that any others would be bonuses. It turned out that I did many earthcaches, a Wherigo and a few regular caches in addition to those I had picked out.

So which caches did I chose as the most important ones to visit? The first one was Geocache by Kevin Andersson. This cache was placed just some days after the hiding of the first cache, on May 26, 2000 and is the fifth oldest still active physical cache in the world. There are four older in USA. The thing that was most amazing was that I was visitor 191 and was able to sign the original log book which was still in great condition.

Original log book for GC46

The second of the old caches that I was looking for was Queen Elizabeth Park. This was placed on 22nd January 2001 so not quite as old as GC46 but placed in a month where I had not found a cache earlier. Unfortunately the original log book had been replaced for some reason.

I found a few other caches in the same park. Following that my journey continued on to Whanganui and then Taupo. During the remaining days on the north Island the weather varied between good and dismal. Perhaps I was influenced by the weather or perhaps the number of caches was relatively small but I ended up finding seventeen earthcaches and forty eight normal caches during the time I was travelling on the North Island.




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