Wherigo Experience

20 01 2011

When Wherigo was launched a few years ago I had a look at the site and thought that it would be fun to try out a cartridge. As I was using an eTrex Legend Cx it wasn’t possible to try it out on a Wherigo enabled GPS. I downloaded the Wherigo Player, loaded that on my HP6340 and installed the Wherigo Builder on my PC and played around a little. Apart from that not much happened. The closest “real life” cartridge was about 160 km away and the reports on it were mixed so I didn’t feel a need to rush away and try it.

Now, just by chance, I found a Wherigo cache in Taupo, a town I was visiting on my New Zealand North Island tour. As I now use an Oregon 450, which supports the Wherigo cartridges, I thought I would give it a go. It didn’t take long to visit the Wherigo site, download the cartridge and load it on to the Oregon.

Full of expectation I got to the starting point for “Roobi’s walk” and fired up the cartridge. It was like doing a multi but with pictures, questions and directions all present on the GPS.

Roobis Walk

It was fun! The walk around the park covered a couple of kilometers and took me to about six spots where questions of different character were asked. None of them were too hard to answer and I think that is a good thing considering that Wherigos are not too well established yet. If they are too difficult to play in terms of stability few people will do them. Even the demands on hardware may be a limiting factor for some cachers, but that will surely change with time. I can also appreciate that there is a lot of hard work put into every cartridge published. I’m impressed with the skills of the people who construct the cartridges.

I would like to make a Wherigo cache but I can see that it’s going to be a long term project. What makes it even more difficult are some of the limitations of the Werigo Builder. However, there are alternatives such as Urwigo and Earwigo. An excellent blog on the subject of creating Wherigos is on GeoCass blog.




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