Quail Island

2 02 2011

Quail Island is situated in the middle of the bay outside Lyttelton and is surrounded by the Port Hills which are the remains of a volcano that erupted some 9-11 million years ago. I won’t give more away as that would spoil the fun for those doing the earthcache Quail Island’s Rocky Past. One of the things I saw whilst waitng for the ferry to return was this fantastic basalt column.

Basalt column

As part of my hunt for all the D/T combinations I had a D2.5/T4.5 cache just a 15 minute ferry trip and a half hour walk away. The last couple of hundred meters were down a steep hill to the shore. The interesting thing about this cache was it’s location just a few tens of meters away from several shipwrecks. At low tide the wrecks are exposed so I had to save my trip to the island until now so that low tide coincided with my 2 hour visit.
The cache A ships grave yard is aptly named as there are no less than eight wrecks on the shore. For some reason disused boats were beached here between 1902 and 1951.

Overview of the shipwrecks

The Darra

The Mullogh




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