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1 04 2011

I was looking at the map page at geocaching.com and thought that the situation I saw for my home area was probably a familiar sight for a number of cachers who have been caching for some time. I haven’t counted how many caches there are in the Gävle area but I have found most of them and we are talking here of an area of 800 km2 (40 x 20 km)!

All caches in the Gävle area of Sweden

So where does that leave me? I decided to blank out the caches that I had found and the result looked like this. I discovered that I have placed more caches than I have left to find.

Caches in the Gävle area I have not found and mine

The remaining few caches consist of some tricky puzzle caches, a couple that are located on islands and a few others that I will go for once the snow has gone. The cache density for unfound caches  in the area shown is 1 per 50km2 which is all too few.

Caches in the Gävle area that I still have to find.

If I want to go for a reasonable series of caches I have to drive about 95km due west to Falun or 105km south west to the area around Hedemora. There I can find the next reasonable concentrations of caches.

Roll on springtime so that I can be energised enough to spend a full day out caching where I will find either a reasonable number or some that have relevance to my goals of filling in the D/T matrix. It’s difficult to find caches with higher difficulty and terrain ratings anywhere near to home. It’s a bit of a surprise as there are some tricky puzzle caches, but their ratings are not high. The wide expanses of forest should also give cachers plenty of opportunities to hide caches where a good hike is needed to get to them. Perhaps we are all so fit here that a 10km hike is considered to be just a T2. Who knows? Please, any Swedes reading this, start to place some harder caches out there!




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