GCU Vårevent 2011

18 04 2011

The GCU Vårevent 2011(Spring event) was held in Sunnesta, a leisure area in Uppsala on Saturday 16th April. I decided to join the fun as it’s only an hours drive from home to Uppsala and motorway all the way. As I didn’t expect everyone to be at the event exactly at the starting time I had a leisurely breakfast and got to Sunnesta about 40 minutes after the start. The location for the event was in the Friluftsfrämjandets building in Sunnesta and it was packed with both people and a bunch of laptops where coordinates for the days new caches could be downloaded either directly to the GPS (for those of us fortunate to have modern GPS of the type Garmin Oregon and so on) or to a USB memory stick. For those who either had to or preferred to enter the coords manually into their GPS a paper copy was also handed out.

GCU Vårevent at Sunnesta, Uppsala

Some of the 70+ teams at the GCU Vårevent

There were around 25 new caches published on Saturday and a few more already in the area. The new caches included Traditional, Multi, Puzzle, Earth and Wherigo types, so including the event cache, I found six different types of caches during the day. Of course it was fun to find another Wherigo – Bamse – Skattjakten. My main problem in creating a Wherigo, seems to be in the basics – finding a good idea and plotting the zones before actually coding the Wherigo. I will get there one day. Some of those trying this one said it was difficult but others had no problems.

Wherigo: Bamse - Skattjakten. There was a treasure at the end of the trail!

The caches were in both a forested area and in a nearby suburb so there was a mixture of classic and urban caches to find. At the end of the day I had found 29 caches on foot and covered a distance of just over 20km. With hindsight I could have used the car for some of the caches but it was such beautiful weather that it was great to be out walking. It was great to be in the forest at this time of year to see the early spring flowers.

Spring flowers (blåsippor)

It was less fun to see that the adders had also woken from their winter sleep. There was one keeping an eye on Sunnerstastugan until 20 or so cachers charged down on it.

If I had used the car I could easily have squeezed in a further four caches during the day and broken another of my own records.

I managed to meet a few targets during the day. I found a cache on an empty Date of the Year, so I now only have two more dates to fill in April then I have a complete calendar until the beginning of November. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next winter will not give us as much snow as this year so there is some chance to get out and find the final caches to complete the Dates of the Year challenge.

I got an FTF which really surprised me considering there were at least 60 teams of cachers out there, all hungry for FTF’s and I didn’t find the cache until some minutes after the start of the afternoon session. OK, so it was a multi with some simple maths in it. Maybe the others either ignored it because it was a multi or because the maths wasn’t so simple.

I also managed to find five different types of caches, which included Traditional, Multi, Event, Earthcache and Wherigo. If I had been a bit more prepared I may also have found a mystery. I had no thoughts in my head to aim for a large number of types of caches. It just turned out that way. Maybe the next time there is an event I will study what types of caches there are in the area and go for six different types! I always need some kind of challenge to make it interesting.

A great surprise for the day was finding a Difficulty 4.5 / Terrain 3.5 cache at the top of a steep hill. I am trying to fill in all 81 D/T combinations as I have mentioned in earlier blogs but this cache was only released for the event so I had no previous knowledge of it’s existence. Manner from heaven so to speak. I won’t give away which cache it was but it was tricky. The placement was next to an old gnarled tree with lots of holes in it but all some meters up and thus necessitating a climb. The trick was that the cache was not in the tree. :-)The find gave me another D/T combination. I did quite well at the start of this year but now things seem to be slowing down.

Another D/T combination found

I have downloaded a PQ from geocaching.com and can see that I will have to travel some distance to be able to grab some of the combinations, whilst others are very close to where I am working – all I need is a boat.




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22 05 2011
Ayn & Essan

Your FTF at the event really surprised a couple of us as well! omaster and lenicka.second ran away immediately to grab this multi when the starting signal went for the afternoon session, we trailed behind knowing that there was no way we were gonna keep up with those guys…apparently they were pretty surprised when they weren’t the first despite being on location just a couple of minutes after that…

28 05 2011

I felt really lucky to get an FTF and I can understand that others seem to be disappointed that they were not the ones to be there first. Luckily it’s a game and we all get enjoyment from it in different ways. From my blog, you can see what I enjoy. Good luck with your future FTF hunt. DS8300

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