GSAK FindStatGen v4.1.12B

4 05 2011

As readers of my blog may have noticed I use GSAK for managing my geocaches and to date I have not seen a better solution. I wrote nearly a year ago about one of the many supporting macros FindStatGen3.9Beta.This is a macro that is being developed continuously by lignumaqua with input and support from a range of enthusiastic geocachers and incorporates many user suggested/requested features.

Today, 2011-05-04, the FindStatGen (FSG) macro is now in version 4.1.12B and has developed substantially. However, as this is also the day that the website will have a huge makeover I won’t be in the least surprised if some of the macro will need to be rewritten. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the format for the GPX files changes so that GSAK and other applications have also to be rewritten. I hope that I am wrong. One of the main improvements during the year is the ability to handle “plug-ins”. This is functionality for those who are really wanting to get the most out of their GSAK database and demands a certain “geek” factor to meet it’s full potential. In other words, I probably won’t be using it, or at least not more than in it’s simplest form. The possibility to use plugs came in the release V4.1.04B 1-10-11. One very simple example of it’s use is to allow extra comments to be inputted into each section of the statistics that are generated by FSG.

FindStatGen order menu

FindStatGen Order Notes with reference to a plugin

Each user could build up their own library of code snippets that they would then plug in to FSG. I am sure that there must be a library for common use somewhere in the GSAK forums but I haven’t found it yet.

My personal favourite part of the FSG macro is the First find by Country table. Because of my interest in travelling and having the privilige of working for a company that sends me around the world I have been able to find caches in 23 of the 55 countries that I have visited. Out of my present 2353 finds only 953 have been found in Sweden where I live. The rest have been found abroad so this new set of statistics that FSG gives me was great.

I have finds in 23 countries

As I learn more about the wide diversity of functions in the macro I will start to enhance my statistics even further. I know I can add a list of of my favourites, but the only problem is deciding which they should be.




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