An evening of Sabolina caches

10 05 2011

When looking at a geocaching map of the region I live and work in it’s easy to see that most unfound caches lie to the west and south west of my location. It’s also the area where Sabolina is based and looking at her profile I note that she has placed 334 caches! Yes, that’s right, three hundred and thirty four! It’s also interesting to see that most of that area is covered in forests, small clusters of houses too small to be considered villages, and dirt roads. All perfect for muggle free caching and honestly I quite enjoy looking for caches “under a stone in the forest”. That’s basically how it all started.

I decided that I would spend a few hours caching on a day where I started work early and could leave early. That was the theory at least but in reality I didn’t get away from work any earlier than usual and was in two minds as if I should do the 150km round trip for just 2 hrs of caching instead of the originally planned 4 hrs. As the weather was so good I decided to go for it.

My route was from Sandviken to Tärnsjö where I turned off towards Huddunge. The area is crawling with caches, around 40 in just a few square kilometers. My original intention was to grab about thirty of them but due to the time restriction I only managed seventeen. All by Sabolina!

Sabolina caches around Huddunge

After the initial few caches through Huddunge my drive took me onto forest tracks which were for the greatest part well maintained. The final stretch of the the southern most road had me cursing though as a stone hit the sump and brought back memories from a geocaching trip to Falun last year and standing by the side of my car looking at the pool of oil under it. A very expensive caching day out.

The caches were a mxture of smalls and micros and had in common that no-one had found them since October last year. They had survived a winter and were all in good shape.

Derelict sawmill by small lake

When I saw the old sawmill and read that the cache hint was “magnetic” I saw loads of possibilities to hide it. Luckily it was a quick find.

Amongst the trees were areas of fields and lakes. Still a bit too cold to go for a swin though. There was also a drive by cache – Halvmilsten -that wasn’t quite a drive by. There were a couple of fallen trees on this road so I had a six hundred metre walk to get to it.

Not quite a drive by




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23 05 2011
Emma Springfield

This is a wonderful site. It gives a good insiders look at geocaching. And your pictures are gorgeous. I have had a marvelous time digging around through your posts.
Geocaching with ds8300 is Nature Site of the Week at Nature Center Magazine beginning May 24, 2011.

27 05 2011

It’s nice to get positive feedback and see that someone is enjoying my ramblings. Now that we move into summer I can foresee more activity. Please call back. DS8300

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