10 06 2011

There are many facets to geocaching. Most people love the hunt and the thrill of the find – so do I. Then there are those who find it just as rewarding to hide caches so that others can find them, especially so if they are in wee gems of places that no-one but local residents would know anything about. Or perhaps there is the little devil inside the cache placer who wants to make things difficult. A well camouflaged container. A tricky placement that only the agile and fit (and sometimes a little bit crazy cacher) will go for.

For the hider there is, however, a downside. It’s called “Maintenance” and to be quite honest I hate it. Over the past few days I have visited several of my caches with the sole purpose of replacing log books, pencils and in some cases containers. It’s part of the game but I have noticed a difference in behaviour of cachers over the years. We all have. The logs have got shorter, considerably shorter. In fact I am now getting empty logs. However, that’s something that I can’t accept. It’s not good manners. Even a smilie or a TFTC will suffice but nothing! No way. Gripe over. Where was I? Maintenance.

I have learnt over the years that there is no such thing as a watertight container which is why I always put my log books into plastic bags. The pencil always stay outside as it tends to create holes in the bags and then their value is no longer there.

On Monday 6/6 which is Sweden’s national day we participated in a non-geocaching activity in Uppland that took us to Månkarbo, Tierp and Medhedeby. By coincidence I have my Upptåg series in that area and had the possibility to visit Upptåget #6 – Mehedeby, Upptågent #7 – Tierp and replace the somewhat soggy log strips.

Since the beginning of June I have also carried out maintenance on Gunnars Sudoku consisting of drying out the box and contents then replacing some of the trading items. I had a laugh when I compared the original spoiler photograph with reality. The tree behind which the cache was hidden had rotted and half of it had broken off. Needless to say I have have updated the photo on the cache page.

Spoiler picture for Gunnars Soduko taken in 2006

Spoiler picture for Gunnars Soduko taken in 2011

I have also had to replace the complete cache container and contents at Edsken and am contemplating what I should do with my DS300’s Geocoin Exchange cache next to the old water tower in Storvik.

The old Storvik water tower

It’s been muggled for the second time but now it looks as though the local yobs have decided it’s fun to starting breaking everything in sight, including windows in the water tower and electrical boxes.
There are not too many secure sites for a cache box unless I find some cunning camouflage, but the area is convenient for an exchange cache as it is at a rest place on the national road Riks 80 which is soon to become Europe road E16.

Luckily there are new caches turning up not too far away from home so I will soon be able to start hunting instead of maintaining!




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13 06 2011

Jag orkar inte skriva en reply på engelska, sorry y’all foreigners that follows this blog this message will follow in swedish.
Jag är en nykomling i Geocaching kretsar och har snubblat över några av dina cachar vilka jag verkligen gillar. Det var jag som gav dig en hint om att cachen vid vattentornet var mugglad. Jag har ett alternativ till gömman vid vattentornet, andra sidan lappens ut mot udden. Jag skulle kunna tro att det finns nåt schysst gömställe där

13 06 2011

Hi Keenoz and thanks for letting me know the cache had been muggled. I guess that there are lots of people hanging out around the water tower on summer evenings. I was originally going to place the cache on the other side of the road beyond Lappens Vägkrogas you suggest but thought that there may be too many muggles admiring the view over the lake to allow a safe hiding spot. I will revisit the place in the next few days and see if there is a good spot. Thanks for the tip!

9 08 2011
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