Finders of my caches

23 06 2011

I follow a number of geocaching related blogs including “Hebb cacher vidare” (Hebb keeps on caching) and saw today his post where he shows that there is great rivalry in the local caching community to find his caches. Hallén has found 100% of Hebb’s caches

So, I thought, what is the situation like with my caches and here I have to say that there is a similar picture but at a lower level of completion. Perhaps the situation will change over the summer?

rmd in the lead closely followed by Pellevink and Telle

Can Pellevink overtake his archrival rmd or will Telle put on a spurt and take the lead? There is a great opportunity for rmd, Pellevink and Telle to find around another 20 caches before they reach 100% success!




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