Norrsundet Midsommarevent

28 06 2011

Norrsundet is a small town about 30km north of Gävle characterised by recently having it’s only sources of income for the inhabitants taken away from them in the name of rationalisation and profitability. The paper mill and adjoining saw mill are no more.

So what is there in Norrsundet? Not a lot. Perhaps that had a dampening effect on the initiative taken by Malmis for an event on Midsummer day. Angry tongues may say that the average geocacher isn’t in a fit state to go caching the day after Sweden’s largest happening. It’s not true.

Norrsundet Midsommarevent location

The Norrsundet Midsommarevent by Malmis event started at the civilised time of 10 am and as it’s less than a 30 minute drive up the E4 from Gävle it wasn’t too early a start. After the usual greet of well known and unknown faces and the usual chat about recent caching adventures it was time for the five caches associated with the event to be released. The hunt was on. We jokingly said that if we hunted in pairs we would all manage an FTF! 🙂 I haven’t checked but I bagged one FTF together with rmd.

Some of the cachers were well equipped with bikes that ranged from an old military heavy framed monster to the lightest and most modern titanium framed bike with GPS holder. Our geomobile of choice was my Volvo but to be quite honest, with the exception of the two furthest caches a bike was probably just as quick.

It took around an hour to find the new caches released at the event and another recently placed cache, before it was time to meet back at the picnic site and eat. It’s a shame that there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of social geocaching activity in the Gävle area even though there are quite a number of active cachers in the area and new ones appearing all the time.

Having said that there are two events planned for July in the Gävle area (including Stråtjära 60km away) but they could also be rather small. They are First Contact by Ebhen

First Contact event July 12, 2011

and the third Caching, Caching, camping and chilling at the Croc III by Mousekakat.

Caching, camping and chilling at the Croc III July 30, 2011

Perhaps I will save the new caches I am planning on hiding until later in the summer and release them together with some form of get together. I will let the idea mature under the summer.




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