Day trip to Norway

11 07 2011

We had planned a visit to Orsa Björnpark with grandchild Leon and arrived there on a sunny Friday lunchtime after dropping by my cache in Sundborn to perform some maintenance. The logbook was dry as were the other few contents in the cache. The cache was reported several months ago as being muggled but had been found several times on a continuous basis since then so the situation wasn’t too bad. I added a new logbook together with pages from the old one and restocked the box with new trading items.

Once we arrived at the bear park we spent all afternoon looking at bears and other wild animals including a brown bear cub that had been rescued from the wild after being orphaned. It was his first day out in the compound and all the other bears were curious to see who the newcomer was. He was separated from them in a smaller compound and at first hardly dared to move away from the door of the living compound.

Blurry mobile phone photo of baby bear

After a while he ventured out and it didn’t take long before he was climbing up the tree in the enclosure as well as swimming in the pool. At first the personnel were a little anxious that he would not know how to get out of the pool again but it wasn’t a problem. I forgot to take my camera with me so have only blurred photos from my mobile phone. Duh! We also saw a few Kamtjatka bears, polar bears, siberian tigers and wolves. The wolverines, leopards, snow leopards and lynx had hidden from the heat of the day which was a shame. We rounded off the day with a game of mini golf and dinner in the nearby village that we stayed at.

After a relatively early morning wake up and breakfast we started off towards Norway at around 9am. The goal was to cross the border near Stöa and pick up few caches in the area around Nybergsund. I had contemplated a slightly longer foray into Norway but the rest of the party wanted to return home in the evening to wash and pack for the trip to Vilnius that we’re about to do on Monday. It’s only 170km from Orsa to Nybergsund and 190km to home in Gävle. Planning on doing a day trip to Norway from home doesn’t get done but when you are more than half way there it’s an easy choice!

We stopped once on the way across from Mora to Sälen following the route of the Vasa ski race in reverse. The cache was an easy find and a good start to the day. From then on it was non-stop into Norway as we knew that if we started hunting for caches on the way we may not get the whole way into Norway but the wee one may have had enough. We stopped at the Swedish – Norwegian border for the obligatory photo but didn’t bother with the cache that was there. That we saved until the trip back home.

Crossing into Norway

A few hundred meters into Norway and we arrived at Ljøra bru the first Norwegian cache of the day. There were only another four to follow it but it was enough to say that we had been into a new country.

We stopped for lunch at Stöa Kanal where we picked up a travel bug that we took back to Sweden with us. When it was time to log the TB we discovered that it had just come from Sweden a few days earlier. Never mind eh? We then drove on and nearly 20km from the border we came to the unmanned customs post – Östby Tollstation. There are not really many signs to indicate that you have arrived in a new country. It took Leon all of three seconds to spot the cache hanging in a pine tree.

The next cache was at a lovely picnic spot Gjetsjoen picnicarea. We logged this quickly and moved on as it started to rain. By the time we arrived in Nybergsund a few minutes later the rain had stopped. Here we found Kongeparken – EG #24 which had a very interesting story attached to it. The cache was hidden in a very professional manner in an information sign and was really difficult to spot. This was my favourite cache on the trip from a purely geocaching point of view.

We ended the caching trip in Norway at Grasmo Villmarksleir where we got a DNF but had a great time with the gigantic Tower of Hanoi game that was there. When logging the DNF I read that the cache had been relocated about 30 meters away the day before our visit. 😦 Typical!

Great find for a junior cacher

This cache was the first one in Sweden so without giving away it’s GC code you can work out which one it is. 😉
On the way back home we picked up a further seven caches and met a Dutch geocaching family – Team Barracuda – in Transtrand at the cache Hungrig & Törstig. Lisbeth watched them watching Leon and me as we grabbed the cache and thought that they were muggles. However, they made themselves known and were kind enough to show us their travel bug car!

The trip back from Nybergsund took six and a half hours which isn’t bad for the 340 kilometer journey. Apart from a few caches close to Sälen we only stopped at Mångsbodarna where Leon found lots of fine trading objects to play with.

Loads of goodies in this cache

Norway made it’s way onto my country list as No 24, at least in terms of countries where I have found caches. In the next blog I will add some notes about caching in country No 25 – Lithuania!




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