Odds and ends – part I

6 08 2011

Three weeks have passed since we returned from Vilnius and my geocaching activity has been sporadic to say the least. In terms of numbers I have only found a couple of dozen caches. I have, however, been all over the place – as usual. As my activities have been rather fragmented there will only be a few lines on each activity.

Paddling in Öjaren
Some six years ago a cache turned up on Hönsön (Hens island) in the Lake Öjaren just north of Sandviken. As I don’t have a boat nor know anyone with a boat in that lake it has remained on my “to find” list. I have toyed with the idea of walking across to the island in the winter but then there is always the risk that it’s impossible to find the cache under a half meter of snow. Anyway, the cache was a good excuse to rent a canoe(kanadensare) in Högbo and paddle out to the island. It only costs 170SEK to rent a canoe for 4 hours.
The first part of the paddle is in a small dammed up part of Öjaren which is followed by a 20m carry over to Öjaren proper. Once in the real lake it’s a 25-30 minute paddle out to Hönsön.

We beached the canoe on a little beach on the island and followed the GPS right to the cache. No difficulties in finding it. Took the obligatory photos and then paddled back to the halfway point where we had a picnic with our better halves who had walked the kilometer or two from Högbo with the picnic basket.

Approaching Hönsön from the South

Canoe beached on Hönsön

Tobbe and the cache

Picnic spot on Öjaren

Again, we are talking about caches on an island but this is a little different in that the island is not in a lake but in the Baltic Sea and it’s easy to get to the island in summer. Furthermore, all five caches on the island are mine! 🙂

Welcome to Limön
Limön Radar
Bönan View

There is a passenger boat service which makes a couple of trips a day seven days a week. The trip over was made as a day out for grandchild number two as he had never been on such a boat before, and for me to check up on my caches. We also had grandchild number three with us but at eight months she wasn’t too involved in the caching. Having said that grandchild number one found his first cache at the age of seven months and has found a few hundred since then! After the mandatory picnic I had a quick walk around the island to check on my caches. All were in place and in good condition. Subsequently one of them has been muggled so I have disabled that one until I can get out to the island again.

One of my caches on Limön with the old and new lighthouses

Trip to Fagersta/Norberg – new D/T combination – or so I thought!
There have been some ups and downs caused in part by the way that www.geocaching.com handle the statistics for D/T combinations. Finding, for example, a D5 cache that is later given a lower rating by the owner is reflected in the finders statistics. I travelled 130km just to find a D5/T1.5 cache Aska only to have the D/T combination on my chart disappear a few days later as the owner changed the D/T rating to a D3.5/T2. Just to make things even worse the D5/T1 cache Enigmatic 1 that I have been alone in finding since it was released in August last year has had a clue added and it’s rating reduced to a D4/T1, so that’s two D5 caches that have disappeared in just a few days. Theoretically, if all cache owners changed the status of their caches to D1/T1 then all existing find statistics would change to D1/T1. It would certainly make the game easier – and a lot more boring. My first thought was that “This sucks!*#¤&!”. Luckily it is just a game so all I can do is find more D5 caches on my quest to fill in the D/T matrix.

After finding Aska we only looked for a few more caches as we were quite late in getting to Fagersta as we waited for the heavy rain to pass before driving over. We enjoyed a walk round the little lake of Esklin where we found the Esklin runt series of caches placed by Myrhammar (the owner of Aska). There was a mystery cache in the series where the coords were to be found in each of the traditional caches in the series. I thought I was being clever when I wrote the information onto my Oregon 450 as a comment when I logged the finds only to find when it was time to put them all together that they were somewhere in the GPS but impossible to get at. When I got home I discovered a text file on the GPS with the comments I made. If there is anyone who knows how I can access them on the GPS in the field please let me know!

Trip to Stockholm
A couple of days after our trip to Fagersta we took the shopping bus to Stockholm. The return trip between Gävle and Stockholm costs a mere 200 SEK, which is less than the cost of the petrol needed to drive there and back plus there is the added bonus of not having the hassle about finding a parking spot that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, nor having to pay the toll to take a car into the city. As this was primarily a non-caching day out I just found a couple of simple caches in the Tantolunden area of South Stockholm.
Zinkensdamms Idrottplats
The area has an interesting history and some of the little allotment plots have amazing views. What a shame I didn’t have my camera with me. 😦




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