Husk af afslutte dit fund med en god logning.

26 08 2011

Remember to finish your discovery with a good log.

For those of you who don’t understand Danish and that’s about 99.999% of the worlds population let me give you a corrected Google Translate translation.

Remember to finish your discovery with a good log.
A good log helps future finders of the cache and pleases the cache owner.
Read more about the campaign at

Many thanks to geobloggen for writing about the danish site and I really do hope that this idea is picked up, not only in Sweden but worldwide. Spread the word!

I have been disappointed by the quality of logs for some time now and am not at all happy with the trend to just add “TFTC” or “:-)”. All of my caches have a line of text that says that empty logs will be deleted as half the enjoyment of placing a cache is reading the logs to see if the finder was happy with the cache. If I get empty logs or “TFTC” logs it indicates that the finder didn’t rate the cache very highly. A consequence is that I don’t feel motivated to place more caches. The fun is seeping away.

There has been a lot written about geocaching “challenges” and after my initial reaction which was “What a load of rubbish! This has nothing to do with geocaching” I have had time to calm down and reflect. My initial reaction still feels good. Put them somewhere else as was done with Waymarking.




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26 08 2011

You are most welcome 😀

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