Scranton, Pa

29 09 2011

When I am away from home on business I try to create time to find a few caches close to where I am staying. Usually, I have both lack of time and transport. I have just spent a few days in Scranton, Pa, USA and in addition to the first two excuses for not finding caches there is the third one called weather. There were really heavy downpours and quite some flooding while I was there so it was easier to walk across the road into the Irish bar rather than trudge around town in the rain. 🙂

Scranton is an industrial and mining town named after the Scranton brothers in 1840 and as with many other towns in USA the steelmaking side of things suffered pretty heavily from the late nineteen forties onwards leaving lots of razed industries in it’s wake. The population of 102,000 in 1930 has dwindled to todays 76,000. Scranton has some interesting historical sites, most of which I have yet to visit as on all previous trips to our nearby plant (Sandvik) I have stayed outside Scranton in the small village of Clarks Summit. I had the opportunity for the first time to walk around the centre of the town and discover some interesting places. It seems that it is called “The Electric City” as it was the first town in USA to have a continuously running electrified tram (streetcar in the US).

Scranton - The Electric City

The Electric City

On the Sunday afternoon I left the hotel built in the disused Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad station and headed towards the centre of the town passing a handful of caches on the walk.

Lackawanna station - not so impressive from this side.

Lackawanna station - bit more impressive indoors

The first one wasn’t too difficult to find because of the hint, but the high buildings completely messed up the GPS signals.

At least I found one cache on my walk

The remaining caches were DNF’s even though one was a regular and should have been possible to find. The hint was detailed so I must have had an off day.
Scranton’s Spicier Side – #1 Found
Castles of Scranton DNA – muggles sitting on WP1
Scranton’s Spicier Side – #8 DNF
MCAT Inferno DNF
Scranton’s Spicier Side – #7 DNF

On the evening after I had forty five minutes between work and the work related dinner so went out on a different loop from the hotel. This time I found two out of two attempted and some interesting industrial remains.
Catlin House Found

Catlin cache guardian

Catlin cache

Slocum Hollow Found

19th century blast furnaces in Slocum Hollow

I imagine it was a tough workplace

Slocum Hollow log book

Slocum Hollow cache guardian




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